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Long Curly Hair Style

Whatever curl you prefer, you can run your fingers through them for a tousled look that requires very little upkeep throughout the day. This allows you to have a lower maintenance long curly hairstyle that still shows off your texture.

long curly hair style

Trust a trained professional with your strands and opt for the perfect perm for a fuss-free hairstyle that makes a major statement. These tight corkscrew oversized curls are the 80s inspired and super dramatic in the best way!

Use your hair straightener to create easy flat iron curls. Styling curls like this create more of a wavy, beachy look. Skip the product to keep the style super undone and enjoy the laidback look of these easy curls.

Leave your roots straight and curl just the bottom half of your hair. A style like this creates volume throughout the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. Use a comb to gently brush through the curls to mimic a naturally curly look.

Leave the very ends of your hair out of the curling iron to maintain an inch of straight hair at the bottom to recreate this beachy look. By leaving out the ends of the style, you will keep your style on the casual and laidback side of the spectrum.

Are you crunched for time? Instead of trying a high-maintenance style, simply flip your hair over into a deep side part. This will give your hair some instant volume at the roots in a super glamorous classic style.

Use a skinny curling wand to create tight spiral curls. This will add more volume and bounce to your style! Use hairspray to seal in the curls to ensure that your curls stay put all day long and long into the night too.

Give your curly hair a unique half-updo with a double twist style on top. This style is definitely giving off all of the y2k vibes. Add a small butterfly clip to the end of each side to add even more trendy elements to the style.

An easy way to switch up your curly hairstyle for long hair is by changing your part. Create a deep side part for a whole new mood. Add more volume and definition with a few pumps of Suave Luscious Curls Curl Defining Cream.

Sometimes going for the messy and quick hairstyle leads to the best look! A style like this is truly effortless but still makes your look pulled together. Ideal for the office, date night, or a weekend hang with friends, this half-up style is super versatile.

Give a classic style a trendy update with a fun accessory, like a bucket hat. Not only is this a great way to accessorize your outfit, but it can come in use when covering up greasy roots or a bad hair day.

One of the pros of having long hair is the ability to do so many more hairstyles. For example, this braided headband. Wear this style with the rest of your hair down or pair it with an updo for an elegant look.

An ombre on long curly hair will add dimension and compliment ringlet curls beautifully. Dyeing your hair in an ombre technique reduces the amount of upkeep, as your roots are dark and the ends are light, allowing for more time between salon visits. Wear your hair in a beautiful side part to show off the face-framing highlights and add volume at the root. Use WOW Dream Coat for Curly Hair to reduce frizz and add shine to your stunning long curls.

This style is perfect if your hair is naturally curly. To keep the curls from falling flat, start by prepping with a curl-defining cream or mousse. Then take sections of your hair and curl them with an iron or wand. This will help create uniformity in length and shape. You can use hairspray after styling for extra hold.

Try bangs and lift your face with your naturally long curly hair. Cut face-framing layers and bangs if you need to give your hair a lift. Having curls and bangs can conceal your forehead and provide balance to a long face. Remember to use a curl gel and defuser when styling to give your curls body and volume.

Stunning longer curls are a great visual change from straight hairstyles. If you want volume in your curls, be sure to have long layers cut into your hair. Try diffusing upside down. A curl amplifier helps plump things up and will reduce frizz. Curly hair is a beautiful way to show individuality, as no one has the same wave pattern as you.

To create a full, voluminous style, fine, curly hair needs many layers. Ask your stylist for a long, shaggy wolf cut that suits your face shape and curl type. This will give you a variety of curl lengths, giving you volume, and is best when cut on dry, styled curls. This allows your curls to be in their natural state.

Look bold and beautiful with long 3B curly hair with a side part. Having a side part will give the illusion of bigger, more volumized locks. Cutting layers will give your curls life and body, but remember, when cutting curls, less is more. If you cut your hair wet, you will not know how much length you are taking off. However, when you cut your hair dry, you will see exactly how much length you are taking off.

Long curls with a deep side part give volume for days. This old Hollywood-inspired glam is being brought to the present day for an elevated day-to-day look. Use a mermaid waver or curling iron and tease the front, then set it with hairspray if you want to rock cute curly hairstyles for long hair.

Going back and forth to the salon to get trims is necessary to keep this brown curly haircut in shape. This hairstyle on curly brown hair with a fringe is made for gals with thick curls. The curly bangs on long hair can make it appear thinner while still keeping its fullness.

Curly bronde hair is the latest trend and most requested style. For curls to bounce, make an appointment to see a stylist specializing in curly hair. Adding lighter bronde highlights can give dimension and contrast to the curls. Aveda Be-Curly is a staple piece for every curly-haired woman. You can use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment and in a low heat setting to set your style.

Women considering curly long hairstyles for an updo need to be comfortable having their hair up. And you may need to think of curling it if you want extra volume/texture. For styling, you need to invest in these three products: Kerastraight Ultimate Oil for nourishment and shine, Emi DryMme for texture and a more lived-in feel, and GHD curling tongs for defined curls.

Long curly hair suits wavy or curly girls with shoulder-length hair who want movement and shape. Use DevaCurl products. Start with BuildUp Buster, a deep cleanser, to remove buildup from past products. This will give wavy curls life and bounce. A buildup remover is important to achieve maximum volume. Certain products and the environment can weigh your hair down and make it impossible to get volume. Next, use One Condition Original and leave a bit in for moisture. Then use Styling Cream and Light Defining Gel to define your wavy curls. Towel dry with a microfiber towel to reduce frizz and then diffuse.

Have these edgy disconnected long curls to show off such a fierce statement. A girl with long curly hair has an elegant yet bolder way of styling natural curls. For women considering a similar curly style for their loose curls, just know that shaved undercuts can have an awkward grow-out process. Consider that factor before deciding to get long curly haircuts and styles done.

Naturally defined curls for long, thin hair are fun to try! Add a brown hue to make it even cooler! These are long, hydrated, and soft curls with volume at the roots for long thin hair. No more spending too much time with the curling iron as this creates one of the stunning natural curly hairstyles.

To maintain curly tresses and achieve a chic brown curly hairstyle for thick hair, use products without silicones or sulfates. The water-soluble products can ensure that hair is absorbing water. This way, curls will stay soft and frizz-free.

Use Innersense Organic Beauty products to amp up this layered curly hairstyle for women. Their line includes the Hydrating Cream Hairbath, Hydrating Cream Conditioner, Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer, and I Create Hold Gel. An oval face would wear this curl pattern best because it emphasizes length and fullness. With any other face shape, hair styles for curly hair like this might look too extreme.

This gently layered waterfall long curly hair cut was achieved by sculpting the curls to cascade away from the face with a soft, even shape. This shape translates beautifully to wavy hair, medium curly, and the looser end of the super curly spectrum. Gentle shaping that works to define your texture and eliminate bulk is flattering on longer hair.

Beautiful tight curls for long hair give the length to show off your natural ringlets. The longer length will pull the curls out and give more width to your hair than the volume on top. Opt for a holding product like Aveda Confixor gel to keep your long curls tight. This adds a light hold coupled with your favorite defining cream.

Natural spiral curls for long hair embrace the natural shape of your hair to the fullest. Long curly hair styles are well-matched with long layers. This is to keep the base fuller. Spiral curls are pretty tight. Treat your curls with ample amounts of nutrient-rich moisture for longer-lasting curls.

Wow everyone, at any event, by adding ash brown highlights on perfect long hair curls that would create spectacular dimensions on your longer hair. Such a curly hairstyle with highlights looks awesome with a shine spray to boost vibrancy.

This curly hairstyle with an off-center part on luscious curly thick locks has a face-framing look. This cut on thick curly hair is great because of the layers. Layers are great for creating hairstyles for naturally curly hair. The reason is that the layers create volume and give your hair body. For styling curls, use moisturizing products.

Typically, face frames look good on all women. The cheekbones are a good place to start because it helps to slim your face and add some extra fun movement to your hair. The layers will be for women who are okay with having volume. The shortest layer is around the chin/cheekbones, adding volume to the crown. I also like this layered cut for curly hair because the perimeter (ends) are still full even though there is a layer.


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