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Naruto Shippuden Episode 448 Fixed

"Comrade"edit仲間 (Nakama)Episode dataPrevious"Another Moon"EpisodeNaruto: Shippūden #448 (Watch Online)Next"The Shinobi Unite"ArcJiraiya Shinobi Handbook: The Tale of Naruto the HeroMusicOpening"LINE"Ending"Such You, Such Me"Air datesJapanese February 11, 2016English August 28, 2018"Comrade" (仲間, Nakama) is episode 448 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 448

On the aesthetic front, episode 448 actually looks good. Aside from a couple of surreally off-model shots in the second half, this is one of the best looking episodes in recent memory. The animation, however, is another story. Despite sporting some nice visuals, this latest installment features almost nothing in the way of action.

Naruto beats away at the cage in his mindscape yelling frustration. He asks kurama to give him more power but Kurama says the seal is difficult to break and that Naruto cant control his power yet and is drowning in his own anger. naruto tells him to shut up and returns to hitting the cage

Naruto continues to pound on the cage as Kurama berates him asking which of them is in the cage. Naruto asks how he cna be so calm in their situation. naruto says he just wants to beat Yahiko when suddenly Kushina hugs him from behind.

They have other cartoons but it mainly 12 episode series. Naruto is their only long running series, and show that is on the whole year. Without it they would have to rely on their new releases that only last about... three months. Then they are living on show to show. Not a position a company would want to be in but it's survivable

Season 19 of "Naruto Shippuden" is continuing with the filler episodes, and in the dream world of Jaraiya Ninja Scrolls, Naruto is trapped inside a Chibaku Tensei. The battle between Naruto and Pain was almost a repetition of the Pain vs Naruto battle that happened earlier in the series, except for the fact that animation was not as good.

The animation quality could be attributed to the fact that Studio Pierrot has been outsourcing the animation for "Naruto Shippuden". According to the end credits from the previous episodes, it is now done by a company in Korea. The studio has sought this cheaper alternative most possibly because of the significant dip in the number of people watching "Naruto Shippuden".

The filler episodes began airing with Episode 432 "The Loser Ninja", which means including the upcoming Episode 448 "Comrade", there are 16 episodes following a "what if " storyline. Even before these episodes, Episodes 427 and 428 had shown TenTen as the protagonist, whereas 429 and 430 saw Killer Bee as the central character.

Add Episode 431 to the list of episodes that distracted fans from the main canon and fans will notice that Episode 426 was the last episode in "Naruto Shippuden" Season 19 to show the main storyline. Not only are most fans complaining about not remembering the actual storyline, many are tired of not getting to see the Fourth Great Ninja War.

There is obviously a dip in the ratings, but does the outsourcing mean Studio Pierrot is also giving up on "Naruto Shippuden"? We hope not, because despite boycotting the show for so long, almost all fans will return to it when it starts airing episodes from the main canon.

In the previous episode, fans got to see Naruto in Sage mode, which was great, but unfortunately he got trapped in Chibaku Tensei by Pain. To find out how Naruto saves himself, watch "Naruto Shippuden" at 7:30 p.m. (JST) on Thursday, Feb. 11. You can also live stream "comrade" via Crunchyroll, JPplayer and NarutoSpot.

The last time the audience saw him, he and Naruto had a massive fight at the Valley of the End, and Sasuke left to join Orochimaru and receive more training to learn how to use his curse mark. Even though Naruto: Shippuden is highly praised, even higher than the original Naruto anime run, it isn't without some seriously weak episodes here and there. These are the ten worst-rated episodes of Naruto: Shippuden according to IMDb.

This is an episode taking place within a dream that Jiraiya wrote within the novel in his dream world. People were not happy about the Jiraiya scroll episodes continuing onwards for such a long stretch of filler. But there are some interesting subtle differences. Sasuke was changed slightly in the opening for this episode, for example.

Plus, for fans of Jiraiya and Naruto's relationship, some people were happy to see the two of them together again even if it was all just inside of a dream. But ultimately, this was a boring episode that offered little interest to fans or the canon universe.

The best part about this episode was Itachi showing up, but as one of the most interesting parts of the episode, his character was limited, taking away from most of the enjoyment. Killer B is already a controversial character with many fans finding him more annoying than anything else.

It was difficult for them to watch filler episodes about his dreamworlds, although some fans were pleased by the humorous elements. There was also a strange change to the tailed beasts animation that people weren't thrilled with. To make matters worse, for some reason, the writers decided it was a good idea to stretch the Killer B filler into two full episodes.

This episode continues the fight between Shikamaru's team and Jiraiya's team that begins in the previous episode. It also offers a somewhat interesting antagonist who has the ability to use Byakugan, and this allows Neji to come into the spotlight more. But ultimately, it's another episode in a stale filler arc that does little to appease fans.

Even the addition to popular secondary characters into more central roles isn't enough to save the episode that is mostly dull. It does set the groundwork for a better follow-up episode that might even contain a more interesting and action-packed battle for the most part, it's worth skipping the episode (and the arc) altogether.

It appears in the dreamworld, Sasuke is edging towards becoming the Madara character. He still intends to destroy Konoha. First, he wants to kill Orochimaru, but he is unable to due to being poisoned. Naruto cannot control his chakra. Again, another filler episode in a very long filler arc that doesn't seem to improve the longer it goes on.

This is the second part of the infamous Killer B dream and filler episode. Still part of the odd dreamworld/Jiraiya's scroll arc, this episode is a direct follow-up to part one of Killer B's story. This episode does feature the return of fan-favorite characters like Itachi, Sasori, and Deidara, but again, they're featured in such limited roles it's hard enough to make up for the weakness of the overall storyline.

This is an episode where you can clearly see how lackluster the filler animation is as well with some awkward choices in depicting certain sequences. This episode ends with the Akatsuki being attacked by the tailed beasts and Killer B happy about it from his dream world.

This is one of the early episodes in the much-reviled Jiraiya scrolls filler arc so it's not at all surprising that it would rank as one of the worst episodes of Naruto: Shippuden. Tsunade continues to read from his novel and in doing so the audience slips again inside the dream world being manifested by her reading.

The audience watches Naruto defeat Hidan in this episode, and then a massive sinkhole opens up that threatens to take hold of the village children. Jiraiya goes after the children and down into the sinkhole to save them. Ino and Choji try to jump in after him, but Shikamaru prevents them from doing so. It's an unneeded diversion from the main storyline.

The worst episode of Naruto: Shippuden is yet another episode from Jiraiya's scroll filler arc. It's actually a little surprising this episode ranked so low compared to the rest because it is full of exciting battle sequences. The shinobi of Hidden Leaf band together to bring Sasuke back to Konoha now that he has killed Orochimaru and is working with the Akatsuki.

They want to deal with him themselves before anyone else can. But it won't be easy. They are forced to fight against Sasori and other powerful Akatsuki members. The reason this episode is probably ranked so low is that almost all the battle sequences are rehashes of the canon battles. Nothing new or original is introduced in this episode rendering it mostly pointless.

The episodes for the twentieth season of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimoto's manga series. The season focuses on Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Kakashi Hatake attempting to defeat Madara Uchiha and Zetsu, the ones behind the activation of the Infinite Tsukuyomi. There is also anime original episodes featuring characters inside their own Infinite Tsukuyomi dream and a side story revolving around Itachi Uchiha's life in the Leaf Village and his early days in the Akatsuki. The episodes are directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo.[1] The season aired from May 2015 to April 2016.[2]

This week's episode takes place shortly after the battle in the previous installment. The boys head to the roof of Orochimaru's dilapidated palace to engage in their second face-off in four episodes. I'm unclear on why this showdown needs to occur. At this point, Sasuke appears to realize that he's acted like a heel throughout the entirety of this arc, but he's still determined to take out his daddy issues and emotional angst on Naruto. True to character, Sasuke treats this super-powered skirmish as one enormous therapy session, revealing that he's always been jealous of Naruto's optimism and willingness to throw down for his comrades. Despite working hard his entire life and graduating from the Ninja Academy at the top of his class, Sasuke feels inferior to his longtime rival. In what should come as a surprise to no one, Naruto subsequently reveals that he feels similarly about Sasuke. Watching Sasuke work hard inspired Naruto to do the same, and Naruto credits his opponent with helping him become stronger. Viewers familiar with the source material will recognize this exchange as one giant allusion to the end of the manga. Although it's strange to see the anime re-imagine events it's yet to cover, this is likely the closest we'll get to seeing Kishimoto's ending in animated form for the foreseeable future. 041b061a72


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