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Vlas Karpov

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Members of Wild Shemale Orgies do not only gain access to the whole SheMax Network with over 597 diverse shemale videos, but also receive a nice pack of bonus content, such as interviews with models, Asia Travel Guide and lots of behind the scenes videos and photos. There are five main porn sites in the network: LadyBoy Player, Femboy Fever, Shemale Tugjobs (masturbation), Black Shemale Stars and this one. All sites update regularly.

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Model index is accessible from several places, and allows filtering models by alphabet, and sorting by number of scenes / average scene rating / name. There are 486 entries in the list, all of which are shemale models. However, model profiles do not contain any info, biography or stats. The list of scenes with this model in the SheMax network is everything that you get inside, so the model index is rather useless. You can check the Interviews section though, if you like. 041b061a72


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