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Dr Kashi Ram Homeo Books

what has happened? the world is full of ill informed people, who get their daily dose of bs from newspaper and tv. homeopathy is in the same group. the defender of homeopathy, samuel hahnemann, believed it could cure just about any human ailment, with no side-effects. samuel hahnemann was born in 1755 and studied chemistry and physics at leipzig university and at the medical school in paris. as to side-effects, he should have been asked what his illness was. as a matter of fact, hahnemann died of pneumonia at the age of 55. we have had our share of quacks (assumedly the ones without roots) from the 18th to the 20th century. but hahnemann was not such a quack. he was more like the german chemist, carl von koppen, a botanist in the service of justus liebig, who first discovered that homeopathy worked. he was a brilliant chemist and a plant taxonomist. yet homeopathy and its defenders continue to claim that he was the first to prove the homeopathic remedies. homeopathy believes that medicines are just a matter of dilution. but this is nonsense. there are medicines that are made by diluting the active ingredients of drugs. hahnemann was just a chemist, whose solutions were usually chemical compounds. koppen was a botanist, who knew that plants are alive. he used to wash the leaves in the laboratory to kill off any bacteria and fungi that might be on them. the hahnemann who wrote his books for homeopathy was an under-educated person who got the concept of dilutions and water purification from koppen and other botanists.

dr kashi ram homeo books

this article is not only full of errors, but it is also saying that homeopathy cannot work. the whole basis for this is that the writer has no information about homeopathy at all. he has come to the conclusion, using only his prejudices. in fact, he is giving a recipe for creating an epidemic


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