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When The Darkness Comes Download For Pc [Ativador]

When the Darkness comes: A Glitchy and Dark Tale of Depression and Anxiety

When the Darkness comes is a free-to-play walking simulator that explores the themes of depression and anxiety through a variety of imaginary digital landscapes. The game was created by Sirhaian, an indie developer and visual effects artist, who wanted to share his personal experiences with mental health issues. The game is available for download on Steam and, and has received very positive reviews from players and critics alike.


The game starts with a narrator who introduces himself as the developer and guides the player through a series of surreal scenarios that represent different aspects of his struggles. The narrator initially makes it feel like a comedic game, but it soon starts to take a darker tone as the player travels down the bizarre broken rabbit hole. The game features a clock, a piano, and a girl, who are recurring symbols throughout the story. The game also breaks the fourth wall several times, addressing the player directly and questioning their choices and motivations.

The game is not meant to be a fun or enjoyable experience, but rather a cathartic and emotional one. The game does not have a clear meaning or message, but rather invites the player to interpret it in their own way. The game also warns the player that it explores themes such as verbal abuse, manipulative control, and suicide, and that it might not be suitable for everyone. The game also advises the player to quit at any time if they feel uncomfortable or triggered.

The game takes around an hour to complete on the first playthrough, but it has multiple endings depending on the player's choices. The second and third playthroughs change slightly, adding new elements and dialogues that reveal more about the narrator and his story. The game also has some hidden secrets and easter eggs that can be discovered by exploring the environments more thoroughly.

When the Darkness comes is a unique and powerful game that tackles a sensitive and important topic in an artistic and creative way. The game is not for everyone, but for those who are willing to dive into the darkness, it might offer some insight and empathy into the hardships of depression and anxiety.

You can watch the launch trailer of the game here, or download it for free from Steam or


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