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For example, to make a Zip task reproducible you need to set Zip.isReproducibleFileOrder() to true and Zip.isPreserveFileTimestamps() to false. In order to make all archive tasks in your build reproducible, consider adding the following configuration to your build file:

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We've mentioned the blank identifier a couple of times now, in the context offor range loopsand maps.The blank identifier can be assigned or declared with any value of any type, with thevalue discarded harmlessly.It's a bit like writing to the Unix /dev/null file:it represents a write-only valueto be used as a place-holderwhere a variable is needed but the actual value is irrelevant.It has uses beyond those we've seen already.

The options can also be passed directly from the source file, which isoften preferable (and overrides any global option). Starting withversion 0.17, Cython also allows passing external source files into thecythonize() command this way. Here is a simplified file: 041b061a72


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