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Normally, you will not have to refuel during your trip as the Evo team seeks to keep Vehicles fueled up.Please see the Fuel Process Card located in the glove compartment of the Vehicle for details regarding the process for refueling it if it requires additional fuel during a trip. You may refuel your Vehicle using any method of payment that works for you. After refueling your Vehicle, promptly take a picture of the receipt and email it, along with the licence plate and time of refuelling to so that we can reimburse you. Vehicles may only be fuelled with regular grade gasoline (not diesel) and you may not permit any other person (other than an Emergency Driver) to refuel your Vehicle.In order to be eligible for reimbursement for the amount spent refueling your Vehicle, you must submit the receipt, licence plate and time of refuelling to in accordance with above and the Fuel Process Card within ninety (90) days of the trip date; if you fail to submit this information within such time period, we shall not have any obligation whatsoever to reimburse you for refueling the Vehicle.Provided the Vehicle has been refueled in accordance with the Fuel Process Card and the other requirements set forth in this section are met, we will reimburse you for the amount spent refueling the Vehicle by either crediting the credit card you have provided to us attached to your Evo account for such amount, by providing you with Evo driving credits equivalent to the amount we owe you for reimbursement, or by any other means that Evo deems acceptable at our sole discretion. If we reimburse you by way of crediting your credit card, you must ensure that such credit card is able to accept such reimbursement and you are solely responsible for any credit card fees or other charges incurred in connection with same. The Fuel Process Card remains our property at all times and you must not alter it in any way. If you remove the Fuel Process Card from its holder in the glove compartment, please ensure that you return it after you have completed the refueling process. The Vehicle cannot be used without the Fuel Process Card in its proper place and you will not be able to end your trip successfully.

Evo Pdf Licence Key



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