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plano schools

If you are experiencing a problem with bullying at Harmony, or have other discipline-related concerns regarding one of our schools, please fill out the form at the link below for the Dean of Students.

PISD is the 18th largest school district in Texas and the 82nd largest in the United States.[4] The school district serves over 50,000 students and employs approximately 3,800 faculty members spread across 73 schools and 2 special and 4 early education centers. PISD's operating budget was US$683.9 million as of 2021.[5]

Plano ISD has an educational structure that differs from the typical U.S. educational pattern. Primary education in PISD, following the typical U.S. structure, consists of 44 elementary schools that serve the kindergarten through fifth grades. However, PISD's system of secondary education consists of 13 middle schools that serve the sixth through eighth grades, 6 'high schools' that serve the ninth and tenth grades, and 3 'senior high schools' that serve the eleventh and twelfth grades. The 'high school' and 'senior high school' system is a departure from the standard U.S. high school that serves the ninth through twelfth grades.[1]

PISD students attend schools based primarily on the geographic location of their homes. Schools of a lower level feed into specific schools at the next highest level. The three exceptions to the feeder system is for students wishing to participate in the International Baccalaureate program, the Health Sciences Academy, or the STEAM Academy.[2] Parents of students may also request transfers out of their students' assigned schools for various reasons (such as to take classes unique to a particular school).[3]

All three of PISD's senior high schools were recently listed in the top 250 of Newsweek's list of 1000 top high schools in America.[13] In the 2012 list, Plano West Senior High School was ranked as 63rd in the country, Plano Senior High School was ranked 108th, and Plano East Senior High School was ranked 243rd.[13] In 2011, Plano West Senior High had been ranked 98 on Newsweek's "America's Best High Schools," and Plano East Senior High had been ranked 461.[14] Plano ISD schools reportedly administer more Advanced Placement tests than any other school district west of the Mississippi River.[citation needed]

In 2009, the development of more schools in Plano's eastern region, as well as more students attending them, reignited a boundary-line debate. Certain issues, such as socio-economic integration and ethnic balance in the schools, became points of intense discussion that became very publicized and heated. Distance from McMillen and Williams also caused debate against the socioeconomic balance. Eventually, it was settled with mixed socioeconomic and ethnic balance between the two high schools.[47] The following year, the School Board settled the debate so as to affect feeder schools going into Plano West: due to the high student populations of Plano and Plano East as compared to the lower population of Plano West, two of the most populated high schools were approved to feed into Plano West, and Schimelpfenig Middle School students could choose between two tracks, leading either to Plano Senior or Plano West.[47] However, this prompted some parents to be concerned about possible future overcrowding at Plano West. In 2011, the School Board agreed to tweak their plan to ease worries about Plano West overcrowding: Schimelpfenig Middle School students would not be allowed to choose tracks, but instead would all go to Clark High and then Plano Senior High, with the option to transfer.[48]

PISD Academy Programs: In the last few years, Plano has incorporated some academy high schools for some qualifying students. Right now there are 3 academy programs at different locations across Plano including the PISD Academy High School. These are great for kids that need a different learning and smaller environment at the High School level and offer places using a Lottery Application.

Hi Tanner,Yes! It's a tough situation for sure. These are After School Care options we are aware of, but they are very generally available.Usually, your campus (PTA) can provide info on the schools or club organizations that actually send buses to your campus (and are usually the closest to the school).

Chloe Latham Sikes is the deputy director of policy at the Intercultural Development Research Association, a nonprofit that focuses on education access in public schools. She said recapture helps make education in Texas equitable.

The overall grades are based on three categories: student achievement (how well students perform academically), school progress (how well students perform over time and compared to students in similar schools) and closing the gaps (how well schools are boosting performance for subgroups such as students with special needs).

The academic performance score provides a quick way to determine approximately where a school district's or school's student academic performance ranks among the performance of students in other Texas districts and schools. School districts and campuses with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas school districts and schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, districts and schools with combined academic performance indexes in the ninth decile receive a score of 9, and so on.

Plano Independent School District operates forty-four elementary schools, thirteen middle schools, and ten high schools. These sixty-seven schools are attended by approximately 53,700 students who live in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Murphy, Parker and Richardson.

As depicted in the 2018 TEA STAARS scores graph (right) and shown in the Plano ISD schools table (below), thirty-six Plano ISD campuses attained TEA STAAR scaled scores between 90 and 100, nine campuses STAAR scores were between 80 and 89, twelve had scores between 70 and 79, and four Plano ISD campuses had STAAR scaled scores between 60 and 69.

Students living in the north Dallas suburbs and north Dallas area profiled on this website attend twenty-six Plano ISD schools. Twenty of these campuses have a 2018 TEA STAAR scaled score between 90 and 100, three between 80 and 89, one between 70 and 79, and the STAAR scaled score of one campus is between 60 and 69. The 2018 accountability rating for all Plano ISD schools is Met Standard, the TEA's highest campus rating. Additional academic performance, student enrollment, teacher staffing and other information about many of these schools is available by clicking on the campus names.

Plano Senior High School / Clark High School / Vines High School and Plano West Senior High School / Jasper High School / Shepton High School are ranked among the 25 best open enrollment public high schools in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Click on this 2018 best Dallas Fort Worth public high schools link for complete rankings and analysis methodology. Similar analyses and rankings for Dallas area middle and elementary schools are available on these DFW best middle schools and DFW best elementary schools pages.

Lovepacs needs your help to continue to serve 1000 Plano ISD students for the 2022-2023 school year. Born out of a desire to help children in need, Lovepacs was created to provide meals to students who would otherwise go hungry during school holidays. Through coordination with local schools and its volunteers, Lovepacs engages communities to feed children as an expression of love. There are several ways to contribute. Donate online, shop the Amazon Wishlist, shop the Walmart Wishlist, or shop and drop off at one of the Lovepac drop off locations. Questions? Call 972-754-8518 or email

Born out of a desire to help children in need, Lovepacs was created in order to provide meals to students, who would otherwise go hungry during school holidays. Through coordination with local schools and its volunteers, Lovepacs engages communities to feed children as an expression of love.

We analyzed newly released data from, which incorporates comprehensive report cards, rankings and reviews to help you choose the right school, to find out how schools in your area are performing and which have made the biggest leaps over the past year.

The overall ranking comes from Niche's proprietary algorithms. A school's ranking might change due to many factors, including the relative rankings of similar schools and whether a school gained or lost peers due to openings or closings. Other numbers come from current public data from the U.S. government. 041b061a72


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