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Couple Promise Rings Set: right or left?

First, regardless of what your country's policy on the ring issue You are free to choose how to wear your rings. Wedding traditions are beautiful and can give you a sense of direction however they are not intended to restrict the choices you make.

Engagement ring left or right?

Tradition in Germany

In Germany the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the finger that is worn by the right hand, since this is considered the "righteous" one. The engagement ring however, is usually worn on the left hand. And in Austria, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria as well, these are the most popular ways of wearing it.

Do you wish to wear the proposal ring and wedding rings on the same ring? In recent years, putting on the engagement ring as a side-ring to the wedding ring after the wedding is becoming more popular in the United States. If you are looking to make this a combination or desired, the proposal ring is moved from the left hand to the right hand, then the wedding ring after the wedding or worn from the beginning. This is particularly helpful when there is a slight difference in the circumference of the fingers on both hands.

The importance of wearing your engagement ring to the left

In most countries, such as Spain and Italy, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands the wedding ring is usually worn on the left side, to the side of your heart. The engagement ring is generally left on the left hand following the wedding. The ancient Egyptians and the ancients had a custom When wearing the ring, they believed that the "vena amoris", or "veins of love" and led directly from the left ring to the heart. Wearing the ring on this finger carried an important symbolic meaning.

But many brides and grooms are also choosing to wear the left hand because of less romantic reasons: for some people who put a lot of stress on their right hand in their day-to-day work routine, a wedding ring left-handed is just a little less problematic, and signs of wear on the precious metal can be minimized.

The wedding ring of 2024 trends at Fischer for individuality and style

Wedding rings this year reflect two main trends: individuality and personality. More and more couples are choosing rings that are unique and aren't "off the shelves".

As a renowned wedding ring maker, Fischer Wedding Rings has noticed the trend and designed the first exclusive caramel gold alloy. This unique golden hue is inspired by the color and essence of caramel. It gives wedding rings an elegant appearance. Its soft shine is reminiscent of the sun's rays as gentle light rays radiate across the globe in the soft golden glow. This makes the caramel gold a fantastic choice for jewelry, and especially wedding rings.

Soul Band model

The Fischer Soul Band wedding band model blends different wedding bands with different surfaces to create a unique piece of jewelry. This masterpiece is a symbol of harmony and connection, and represents the fashion of 2024.

Model Dune Shine

This ring made by hand is called Dune Shine, and it sparkles on its surface. The ladies' ring is additionally decorated with five carefully placed diamonds (total 0.03 ct. G/si), which underline its beauty and splendor.

Personal engraving

However, wedding rings made from caramel gold only become unique with a custom engraving. The bride and groom have a variety of options at their disposal including they want to include a QR code on their own website, a complete love poem, their personal fingerprint on the ring of their partner, the soundtrack of the song they sing together, coordinates of their first meeting, or any other idea the groom and bride would like to incorporate as an engraving.

Rings can be made up in various ways

For the most unique wedding rings, there are almost unlimited possibilities to incorporate your ideas in the Konfischerator, Fischer's online ring configurator. With the Konfischerator you can create your wedding ring desires in a unique way with a wide range of design options! The choice of whether you design online at home as a couple or together with the configurator partner, who also offers expert suggestions, is entirely up to you. With the configurator, you will be able to quickly and easily purchase your wedding rings!


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