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Guide To Play Booking Card in Football Betting

Betting on football is becoming increasingly popular and gradually becoming an indispensable form of entertainment for fans. Therefore, there are now various types of betting markets emerging. Alongside main bets like Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Over/Under bets, there's been a surge in secondary bets. Among these, many players are still unfamiliar with what a booking market entails. Hence, Wintips will provide a detailed explanation of this type of betting for you.

What is a Booking Market?

A booking market is a type of bet where players place their wager based on the number of yellow or red cards that may appear during a match.

Booking occurs when a player commits a foul during the game. Hence, not every football match will have bookings. The booking market consists of two types: yellow card and red card bets.

So, what are the general principles of the booking market? There are three principles that players need acess real football tips to grasp, including:

It only applies to yellow and red cards issued by the referee on the field. Cards given to coaches or substitutes are not counted in this betting market.

Booking markets are only counted within the official 90 minutes of the match. Thus, cards shown during extra time or penalty shootouts will not be considered.

Yellow cards count as 1 point, red cards count as 2 points. Note: If a player receives two consecutive yellow cards in a match, the total booking points will be considered as 3 points (one yellow and one red), not just 2 points.

Types of Booking Markets and How to Play

Booking markets come in various forms, including:

Asian Handicap Booking Market

This is a derivative bet based on the Asian Handicap main bet. Therefore, this booking market will have a team given an advantage and a team at a disadvantage regarding the specified booking points. However, there's a difference from the Asian Handicap bet - there is no handicap of 0.25 or 0.75 in the booking market. Hence, in this market, players will not encounter cases of winning or losing half their wager.

To diversify the betting options in the booking market, betting platforms now offer first-half booking handicaps and full-match booking handicaps.

Booking Over/Under Market

The booking over/under bet is where players wager on predicting the total number of bookings in the match, whether it will be higher or lower than the figure provided by the betting platform. When participating in this market, players have two choices:

Over Bet: If the total number of bookings from both teams exceeds the figure set by the betting platform, the player wins.

Under Bet: If the total number of bookings from both teams in the match is less than the figure set by the betting platform, the player wins.

In the event that the total bookings of both teams equal the figure set by the betting platform, the player gets their wager back.

Booking card odds"

This is a type of bet where players wager on the total number of booking cards that might appear in a match, whether it will be an even or odd number. If the bet is correct, the player wins the bet and earns a reward.

"First or last booking card"

Similar to its name, this type of bet is straightforward. Players don't need to tally the booking cards into scores but simply predict and bet on which team will receive the first or last booking card.

"Booking card 1X2"

With the booking card 1X2, players compare and choose between the home team and the away team, determining which team will receive more booking cards. Hence, participating in this bet offers three options:

"1": the home team receives more booking cards

"2": the away team receives more booking cards

"X": both teams have an equal number of booking cards

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Calculating the odds:

Everyone participating in any bet wants to know how the winnings or losses are calculated. So, how are the winnings from booking card odds calculated? Here's a specific guide for you:

Formula for calculating winnings:

Received reward = amount of bet * odds

Where: odds are the betting odds set by the bookmaker.

"Surefire strategy for beginners in analyzing booking card odds"

If you're new or still unsure about what booking card odds are, these tips from betting tips in telegram analyzing booking card odds will help you profit easily:

Thoroughly research both teams, gather necessary information including playing style, tactics, match history, starting line-ups, etc. This will help identify if teams tend to play defensively or aggressively and which players frequently commit fouls.

Teams that tend to play fast and aggressively often receive more booking cards.

In knockout matches where there's a significant gap in team quality, the weaker team usually receives more booking cards. Such matches are highly intense, ensuring a higher likelihood of booking cards.

Observe if any individual players in the teams are prone to receiving booking cards. If so, that team is likely to accumulate more booking cards.

Consider the match's importance because highly intense matches in major tournaments like the World Cup or Euro tend to have more booking cards.

Apart from team-related factors, also pay attention to the referee officiating the game and their history of issuing cards to make informed choices.

Consult additional football news, expert analysis, and betting tips to estimate the potential number of booking cards.


Through this article, it's hoped that you grasp what booking card odds entail and the necessary information related to this type of betting. Wishing you consistent wins in your betting endeavors!


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