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Jig 3 Issue 11 Pdf 70

BPW/PA is a statewide organization of over 1600 members in 75 local organizations and 12 districts throughout the state, working on all issues that touch women's lives and sponsor programs and scholarships to improve women's lives and careers.Our members come from many occupations and backgrounds who are making their voices heard in the workplace, the community, and the legislature. In addition, we are enabling the continuing education for women re-entering the workplace through scholarships and grants.

Jig 3 Issue 11 Pdf 70

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The Meadville BPW is comprised of professional women from the Erie, Greenville, Meadville, and surrounding areas. The chapter meets the first Monday of each month (except June and July) at Chovy's Italian Casual in Meadville. In addition to Judith's Jig, the Meadville BPW holds an event called Female Firepower, which brings together members and community members for a day-long informational event on important social issues affecting women as well as personal development. Female Firepower also provides an opportunity to network and become more familiar with our local professionals and business owners. The BPW also recognizes the struggle for women's pay equity with a small gathering each April and benefits local students with the Helen E. Remler (H.E.R) Memorial Scholarship Grant.You can follow The Meadville BPW on Facebook, and find out more information at

Purdue promoted among primary care physicians a more liberal use of opioids, particularly sustained-release opioids. Primary care physicians began to use more of the increasingly popular OxyContin; by 2003, nearly half of all physicians prescribing OxyContin were primary care physicians.19 Some experts were concerned that primary care physicians were not sufficiently trained in pain management or addiction issues.23 Primary care physicians, particularly in a managed care environment of time constraints, also had the least amount of time for evaluation and follow-up of patients with complicated chronic pain.

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