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[S6E4] Now You See Abby, Now You Don't

Per the show's description on Amazon, "Abby O'Brien left Chesapeake Shores, and first love Trace Riley, years ago for life in the big city. Now a high-powered career woman, divorcée, and mother of twins, Abby returns home and struggles to manager her fractured family and rediscover herself." We don't want to give too much away, but we promise there's plenty of romance and suspense in this much-loved drama series set in a coastal community in Maryland (FYI, it's filmed in Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada).

[S6E4] Now You See Abby, Now You Don't

The dancer also explained that she's had to "unlearn" some of what she was taught by Miller. "My dance teacher taught that if you don't get the trophy, if you don't get the crown, you are less than," she said, "which is the worst way to train a kid. It carries into other life lessons. We also weren't allowed to watch our competitors or be friends with them. I've had to unlearn a lot of those things."

Two years later, Ziegler was asked by Us Weekly if she was in touch with Miller amid the instructor's diagnosis of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. "We don't keep in contact," the teen said. "But I wish her the best." 041b061a72


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