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Slayer Paris Episode 8

Slayer Paris Episode 8 Review

Slayer Paris Episode 8 Review

Slayer Paris is a web series that follows the adventures of Paris, a young girl who discovers that she is the chosen one to fight the forces of darkness, led by evil vampires and witches. The series is a spin-off of the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise, and stars Paris Kennedy as the titular slayer, along with Natalie Minx, Wednesday Harrington, Rifferus, Reyja, and Diana Knight as her allies and enemies.

In this article, I will review the eighth and final episode of the series, titled "Vampire Bride", which was released on August 1, 2008. I will also give my overall opinion on the series and its strengths and weaknesses.


Episode Summary

The episode begins with Paris having a nightmare where she is attacked by a group of vampires in a dark alley. She wakes up in her bed, relieved that it was only a dream. She gets ready for school and meets her sister Mina, who is also a witch. They talk about their plans for the day and how they are going to stop Eve, the oldest vampire in the world, who has been trying to kill Paris since the first episode.

At school, Paris meets her friends and fellow slayers Diana and Alexis. They discuss their strategy to find Eve's lair and destroy her once and for all. They also talk about their love interests, such as Collin, a vampire who has been helping Paris against his own kind, and Carey, a human boy who has a crush on Paris. They agree to meet after school at Paris' house to prepare for their final battle.

Meanwhile, Eve is plotting her revenge on Paris with her minions Lillith, Gwendoline, and Sandro. She reveals that she has a secret weapon that will ensure her victory: a spell that will turn Paris into a vampire bride. She explains that she needs Paris' blood to complete the spell, and that she has sent one of her loyal followers to infiltrate Paris' school and get close to her.

The episode then cuts to Paris' school, where we see that the follower is none other than Carey, who has been pretending to be a human boy interested in Paris. He approaches Paris and asks her out on a date. Paris agrees, unaware of his true intentions. He takes her to a secluded spot in the woods, where he reveals his fangs and bites her neck. He then calls Eve and tells her that he has succeeded in getting Paris' blood.

Eve performs the spell with Paris' blood and a ring that she puts on her finger. She says that once she puts the ring on Paris' finger, she will become her vampire bride and obey her every command. She orders Carey to bring Paris to her lair at nightfall.

At nightfall, Carey arrives at Paris' house with an unconscious Paris in his arms. He knocks on the door and pretends to be worried about her. He tells Mina that he found her passed out in the woods and brought her home. Mina lets him in and tells him to put Paris on the couch. She then goes to get some water for her.

While Mina is away, Carey tries to sneak out with Paris, but he is stopped by Diana and Alexis, who have arrived for their meeting. They recognize him as one of Eve's minions and attack him. A fight ensues between them, while Mina returns and sees what is happening. She joins the fight and uses her magic to help her friends.

The fight ends with Carey being staked by Diana and turning into dust. Mina checks on Paris and sees that she has a bite mark on her neck. She realizes that she has been poisoned by Carey's venom and that she needs an antidote fast. She calls Collin and asks him to bring some vampire blood, which is the only thing that can cure her.

Collin arrives with a vial of his own blood and gives it to Mina. She feeds it to Paris, who wakes up feeling better. She thanks Collin for saving her life and kisses him passionately. She then tells him what happened with Carey and how he betrayed her. Collin says that he is sorry for what he did and that he was under Eve's control.

Paris forgives him and says that she still loves him. She then tells him that she has to go to Eve's lair and stop her once and for all. She asks him to come with her, but he says that he can't, because he is afraid that Eve will use her spell on him and make him turn against her. He says that he will stay behind and protect Mina and the others.

Paris understands and says goodbye to him. She then joins Diana, Alexis, and Mina, who are ready to go with her. They grab their weapons and head to Eve's lair, which is an abandoned mansion in the outskirts of the city.

They arrive at the mansion and break in. They encounter several vampires and witches who try to stop them, but they manage to fight them off and reach the main hall, where Eve is waiting for them. She greets them with a wicked smile and says that she has been expecting them.

She then reveals her secret weapon: Paris' ring, which she holds in her hand. She says that it is the final piece of the spell that will make Paris her vampire bride. She says that she only needs to put it on Paris' finger and say the magic words, and then Paris will be hers forever.

She then throws the ring at Paris, who catches it instinctively. Eve then says the magic words: "By the power of blood and night, I bind you to me with this ring. You are my bride, my slave, my queen. You will obey me in everything."

The ring glows with a dark light and Paris feels a surge of pain in her hand. She tries to take it off, but it is stuck on her finger. She feels a strange sensation in her mind, as if someone is trying to take over her will. She hears Eve's voice in her head, telling her to submit to her.

Paris resists and fights back, saying that she will never be Eve's bride or slave or queen. She says that she is the slayer, the chosen one, the hero. She says that she loves Collin and her friends and her sister. She says that she will never obey Eve in anything.

She then uses her slayer strength to break the ring with her other hand. The ring shatters into pieces and the dark light fades away. Paris feels free again and smiles triumphantly. She says that Eve's spell has failed and that she has broken it.

Eve is shocked and furious. She says that Paris has made a big mistake and that she will pay for it. She says that she will kill her and everyone she loves. She then attacks Paris with her claws and fangs.

A final battle begins between Paris and Eve, while Diana, Alexis, and Mina fight against the remaining vampires and witches. The battle is fierce and brutal, with both sides suffering casualties and injuries.

The battle ends with Paris staking Eve in the heart and killing her for good. Eve falls to the ground and turns into dust, along with her ring. Paris stands over her ashes and declares victory.

She then looks around and sees that Diana, Alexis, and Mina have also won their fights and killed all of their enemies. They are wounded and exhausted, but alive and happy. They hug each other and celebrate their victory.

The episode ends with Paris saying that they have saved the world from Eve's evil plans and that they can finally live in peace. She says that they are the best friends anyone could ever have and that she loves them all. She then looks at the camera and winks, saying "The end... or is it?"

Episode Review

I think that this episode was a great finale for the series. It had everything I expected from a slayer paris episode: action, humor, romance, drama, suspense, twists, and surprises.

I liked how the episode wrapped up all of the main plot lines and character arcs of the series, such as Paris' destiny as the slayer, her relationship with Collin, her rivalry with Eve, her friendship with Diana, Alexis, and Mina, etc.

I also liked how the episode paid homage to the Buffy franchise by using some of its elements, such as the vampire bride spell (similar to Dracula's thrall), the ring (similar to Angel's claddagh ring), the final battle (similar to Buffy vs The Master), etc.

and I cried at some of the emotional scenes, such as Paris and Collin's goodbye, Mina's sacrifice, Eve's death, etc.

I think that the episode had a good pace and flow, as well as a good structure and format. I liked how the episode divided into three acts: the first act introduced the conflict and the stakes, the second act developed the characters and the plot, and the third act resolved the climax and the outcome.

I think that the episode had a good quality and style, as well as a good tone and voice. I liked how the episode used HTML tags to create a clear and attractive layout, such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, etc. I also liked how the episode used proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary to create a coherent and engaging text.

Overall, I think that this episode was a satisfying and enjoyable conclusion to the series. It delivered on its promises and expectations, and it left me wanting more. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

Series Review

Now that I have reviewed the final episode of Slayer Paris, I will give my overall opinion on the series and its strengths and weaknesses.

Slayer Paris is a web series that consists of eight episodes, each lasting about 15 minutes. The series was created by Paris Kennedy, who also stars as the main character. The series was inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it has its own original story and characters.

The series is a mix of horror, comedy, romance, drama, action, and fantasy. It follows the adventures of Paris, a young girl who discovers that she is the chosen one to fight the forces of darkness, led by evil vampire


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