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((BETTER)) Download CV338H A42 EMMC Pinouts Rar

Thank you sir your valuable replay, I try to downloaded software cv338h-a42 samsung 1920*1080 usb part1 but i have facing some problem there (no archive or the archive is either in unknown format or damaged) when i extract the file show like this ,what is the problem and which software suitable for my supra led

Download CV338H A42 EMMC Pinouts rar

Hello Guys, how are you? if you are searching for CV338H-A42 Software Free Download then this is the best site to all resolutions of cv338h-a42 firmware download. Here are available some CV338H A42 upgrade files like cv338h-a42 1366768, cv338h-a42 19201080, and more that are easily available to download for your personal use. You can use these files to update or install firmware in the CV338H_A42 Smart Led Tv board. All the resolutions are fully tested and easy to download, but I would recommend you install them at your own risk.

We provide Universal/Chinese Smart Led tv Board Software/Firmware files for free on this site, If you want to download, this site will be very helpful for you. Many more things are available here like LCD/LED TV Firmware, EMMC Pinouts, COF Datasheets, Service menu Codes, LED TV Logos, T-CON Board Datasheets, TV Remote Control Codes, LCD/LED TV Board Schematic Diagram and Datasheets, and many more. In this post, we just availed cv338h-a42 Software free Download, if you want more, please search on this site.

CV338H-A42 is a Smart Network Motherboard for LED TVs. This board comes in two variants first comes with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM the second variant of this board comes with 1 GB RAM and 4 GB ROM. Here we also provide cv338h-a42 1gb ram software download. 1366768 and 19201080 resolutions are supported by this smartboard. The Dual-Core CPU is built-in with this board. The Smart LED TV with this board can be operated with the Samsung, Sony, China, Konka, and other remote controls. It totally depends on the CV338H-A42 Firmware that is going to install on this board.

CV338H all software downloading link will get from this post. This android board series is the most and highly recommended driver board by all technicians. I also personally use this board when I replace the new android board. So I will give you a cv338h software downloading link. 041b061a72


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