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Cosmic Sine

Net-positive Corky McDonnell and net-negative Daniel Barnes commit a cosmic sin by reviewing Bruce Willis in Cosmic Sin. This brain-dead space opera stars Willis as a fading star who refuses to do second takes or give a fart.

Cosmic Sine


What Grillo needs is for his upcoming, excellent (and, ironically, refreshing spin on Edge of Tomorrow's own forebear, Groundhog Day) Boss Level to gain him some credibility and traction to afford better roles. What Willis needs is to say no to ever doing a movie again until he's prepared to give it 100% which, from all the recent evidence, will unfortunately likely be never. A shame really because, as with Seagal and Under Siege 3, really he could have just gone out on a high with one last, gritty, back-to-basics Die Hard, but it appears to take a level of commitment that he's not prepared to give, instead content to sleepwalk through films like this. Ok, so maybe it's not quite the cosmic sin of a career choice that the title suggests, but it's not far off it.

Ross supporter Norman Geisler also affirmed that the Fall was a cosmic disaster. And more recently, Chuck Colson and Nancy Pearcey gave a good account of the biblical teaching of the origin of death and suffering in their book How Now Shall We Live? 041b061a72


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