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Samsung Gear Vr Gamepad Best Buy

An early release on the Gear VR, but still one of the best. Both Esper and it's brilliant sequel Esper 2 will keep you busy for hours thanks to its witty and wry tone and excellent telekinetic puzzles. It intuitively makes the most of Gear VR's built-in controls, while also working with a gamepad if you so wish. It can be fiddly at times, but it's great fun and there's even a free demo if you don't fancy forking out for it right away.

samsung gear vr gamepad best buy

While the latest Samsung Gear VR headsets come with a handy controller, you may still get more out of your gaming experience with a full gamepad. The Stratus Duo is the latest Android controller released by SteelSeries and delivers top build quality and comfort which are important when you're playing with your eyes covered. SteelSeries actually has two controllers featured on this list, but ultimately the Stratus Duo (opens in new tab) is the best option for most people because it does more without requiring AA batteries.

Samsung and Oculus designed the Gear VR to be played while sitting down, just like a console. In fact, it's kind of like a console you wear on your face if you think about it. That means a lot of your games are going to be best played while seated comfortably. Sitting comfortably and holding your hand to your temple to tap the buttons on the side of the headset don't exactly go together well, which is why you can use a gamepad with almost everything. 041b061a72


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