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How to Fool Minecraft and Avoid Microsoft Store License with a Simple Script: Reddit Guide

9. Finally, choose Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as the preferred option. The installation will take place when you will select the Install button. 10. Thats it. Once the installation will get completed successfully, you can quit the software center. Now, open a text-based web browser to install Minecraft: Education Edition ( Free ) on your Chromebook. Once done, close the browser.

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3. After that, you will be redirected to an official website of Minecraft. You will have to click on the Install button to install it. 4. Follow the instructions and thats it. The game has been installed successfully. 5. You can also download the game using Google Chrome Extensions. Go to the Chrome browser on your Chromebook and type chrome://extensions in the address bar. And then, open the Developer tools in the left pane.

This tutorial for older models Chromebooks will give you everything you need to know to get started on a Linux chromebook. We will navigate through each of the steps using Linux Terminal or Linux Mint on our system. And in our next tutorial, we will discuss Minecraft on Linux and connect to the internet over a dedicated server. To start, let us begin!

1. After your Linux is ready, we will run through the necessary steps to install Minecraft. First we will download the Java file from the Minecraft website. 2. Now,navigate to the Minecraft website and open the download Java file. It will require you to login first.


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