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Ahmad Gromov
Ahmad Gromov

The Contractor YIFY [BETTER]

Obviously a Jason Bourne copycat, but that doesnt mean it is a terrible movie.The good: I kinda appreciated the slow start, by which I got to know the CHARACTERS. At the start this movie is basically a character drama. But only after 35 minutes or so, the full blown action is unleashed. So give it some time, you'll be rewarded for your patience, OR simply skip the first 35 minutes.The bad: many will get bored by the slowburning start, but give this story some time to start up.More bad: there are some credibility issues with the story. For example they raid a laboratory and within minutes the German police is present with full gear. NOT likely to happen for real. But perhaps I am nitpicking...To conclude, this is NOT as good as any of the Jason Bourne movies, but in lack of any new Jason Bourne movies this will (barely) do,The story: an American soldier, desperate for money and a family to take care of, hesitatingly agrees to work for a shady private contractor company, becoming a hired gun. Soon he finds out he is being set up and the company that hired him is about to kill him. Will he come out alive?

The Contractor YIFY



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