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MusicLab RealStrat V3.0.0 - R2R

MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.0 - R2R: A Review

If you are looking for a realistic and versatile virtual guitar instrument, you might want to check out MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.0 - R2R. This software is a sample-based virtual instrument that faithfully reproduces the sound and playability of the Fender Stratocaster, one of the most popular electric guitars in history. In this article, we will review the features, sounds, and performance of MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.0 - R2R and see how it compares to other virtual guitar instruments on the market.


MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.0 - R2R has a lot of features that make it a powerful and flexible virtual guitar instrument. Here are some of the main features:

MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.0 - R2R


  • RealStrat Standard and RealStrat Elite: The software comes with two instruments, RealStrat Standard and RealStrat Elite, each with different sample sets and tuning options. RealStrat Standard is the original RealStrat model with loads of new playability features, fully backwards compatible to RealStrat previous version. RealStrat Elite is the debut of the new sample set recorded from each of the three Stratocaster pickups, having four patches and two tuning selections for each.

  • Intuitive keyboard layout: The software allows you to perform live or record MIDI tracks with numerous articulations, noises, guitar-specific tricks, strumming and finger picking techniques using an intuitive keyboard layout. You can also use a MIDI guitar controller or a MIDI keyboard with a guitar-to-MIDI converter to play the instrument.

  • Built-in Song sequencer: The software has a built-in Song sequencer that lets you arrange up to the entire song by simply inserting chord symbols and selecting pre-recorded guitar rhythm patterns. You can also edit the patterns or create your own using the Pattern Manager.

  • Sounds and noises: The software has a high quality dry sample library that includes not only sustain sounds, but also other guitar-specific sounds with dynamics and nuances that an experienced performer can get from his/her instrument. You can easily create any desired guitar sound using your favorite amplifier simulator or external FX processor.

  • Guitar FX Processor: The software supports external guitar FX processors which are important to create a realistic guitar part. It also comes with more than 200 authentic presets that emulate the guitar tones used in most popular songs played by greatest guitarists.


MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.0 - R2R has a rich and authentic sound that captures the essence of the Stratocaster guitar. The samples are recorded directly from the Stratocaster pickups, which give you the option to choose between different pickup combinations and tones. The software also has a variety of articulations, noises, and techniques that add realism and expression to your performance. You can hear some audio examples of MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.0 - R2R on their official website.


MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.0 - R2R is easy to use and has a low CPU usage. The software runs smoothly on most modern computers and does not require a lot of disk space or RAM. The software also has a user-friendly interface that lets you access all the features and settings quickly and easily. You can also customize the instrument to suit your preferences and style using the Options menu.


MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.0 - R2R is a great virtual guitar instrument that delivers a realistic and versatile Stratocaster sound and playability. The software has a lot of features that make it suitable for any genre and style of music, from rock to jazz, from pop to metal. The software also has a high quality sound that can be enhanced with external FX processors or amplifier simulators. If you are looking for a virtual guitar instrument that can emulate the Stratocaster guitar in all its glory, you should definitely try MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.0 - R2R.


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