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Buy Cheap Accordion Uk ((EXCLUSIVE))

The Accordion Shop is a fifth generation family business that has been selling and repairing accordions for the best part of a century. We always have a huge range of accordions and related instruments in stock to suit all players and musical styles with sizes ranging from 8 to 120 bass and in the full range of tunings.

buy cheap accordion uk

Prices start from less than 200, so there is something for even the smallest budget. All our accordions come complete with straps and either a hard case or soft gig bag, as well as a guarantee of between one and five years.

To specify which items should be opened initially, add the .uk-open class to the item. You can also use this to open multiple items. Just make sure to add the option multiple: true to the uk-accordion attribute.

Note Alternatively, you can open a single item by adding the active: option to the uk-accordion attribute, e.g. active: 1 to show the second element (the index is zero-based). Note that this will overwrite the uk-open class.

Inspired by the shape of an accordion, the brand new Gingko Smart Accordion Lamp is a must have home accessory for any room. To open it, simply pull it as you would play an accordion. It will instantly transform into a sculptural light emitting a wonderful ambient warm/or cool white LED light through the accordion shaped lamp; When closed, it is simply a beautiful laser-cut wooden hexagonal wooden object.

Write the heading and summary line like any other button text. Use sentence case, describe the content that will show, and keep it short.Users of screen readers might find it difficult to navigate the accordion if the button text is too long.

We have worked with accordions and other keyboard instruments for 20 years, serving the UK (Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland), Europe, U.S.A., Brazil, China and many other countries. Almost any make of new accordion can be supplied at exceptional prices as we are main agents for many brands. We specialise in midi and can manufacture and fit midi units for your needs or fit one of several alternative brands if you prefer. We also have a range of used instruments in excellent fully serviced condition. If you have any questions or are looking for something which is not shown, please contact us at:

An accordion allows users to show and hide content sections on a page. In this blog post, we're talking specifically about how we improved an accordion component. GOV.UK is built on a set of designs, patterns and components; when we update them, changes are deployed across the platform for a consistent user experience.

We tested across various platforms and assistive technologies because they all interpret webpages slightly differently. We also asked accessibility specialists in the Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) to review the accordion as it would be eventually deployed across GOV.UK.

We also found that when we zoomed into the accordion, the chevron icon did not scale in line with the text. This is because it was originally pixels so we updated it to use relative values or EMs. The update also helped us to meet other WCAG success criteria that relates to resizing text such as WCAG 1.4.4, WCAG 1.4.8 and WCAG 1.4.10.

The updated accordion component is now live across the main GOV.UK publishing platform and a future iteration will shortly be rolled out by the GOV.UK Design System for UK department digital teams to use in service platforms. It meets WCAG and Design System design digital standards and was iterated following accessibility testing.

Nice work! I'm wondering if the "click hide" and "click show" improvements will work as you expect them too. With multiple versions of the same link on the page (assuming it's not just one accordion heading being used at a time), Dragon and other voice control users will be shown a list of numbers beside all the identical links and will have to select one. Using the accordion header as the trigger to expand/collapse could save a step here.

Maybe you've already accounted for that by allowing both the accordion header and the show/hide buttons to activate the accordion. Looking forward to seeing the working component in the Design System. Thanks for sharing.

Think twice about buying an accordion with a strong mildew smell. Once the instrument acquires the odor, believe me, it can take many years of tender loving care and major expense to restore if at all.

I have a page with multiple uk-accordions ( ). The problem is, that if an user opens an item in one uk-accordion and after that clicks on the next item in a different uk-accordion, the first item stays open. I want to change this in a way, that nevertheless where the user clicks, only one item should be visible.I found a script and now I'm trying to adopt it:

Isn't that the default behaviour of the accordions? That's what it would seem like from the examples on the page, the component has a "multiple" option that is set by default on false. Maybe you need to update UIkit?

The accordion is thoroughly integrated into the life and work of the Academy. Our undergraduate and postgraduate students enjoy countless collaborations with Academy composers and performers of other instruments.

Over the years, Levickis has performed at venues including the Royal Albert Hall, St Petersburg Grand Philharmonic Hall and Auditorio Nacional in Mexico, and at festivals such as Dresdner Musikfestspiele, Thüringer Bachwochen and Edinburgh Jazz Festival. He has led residential courses and in 2014 founded the annual Composers+ Summer Academy to premiere new music for the accordion with chamber ensembles. He was also the Artistic Director of Vilnius Accordion Music Week for six years.

Praised as 'revelatory' (New York Times) with 'breathtaking virtuosity' (The Observer), Ksenija Sidorova is a major ambassador for the classical accordion and collaborates regularly with leading composers and musicians. Her repertoire spans from JS Bach to Astor Piazzolla, from Efrem Podgaits to George Bizet, as well as two new accordion concertos composed especially for her and a multitude of chamber projects.

Encouraged to take up the instrument by her grandmother, Sidorova started to play the accordion aged six under the guidance of Marija Gasele in her hometown of Riga. Her quest for more exposure to both classical and contemporary repertoire took her to London, where she became a prize-winning undergraduate at the Royal Academy of Music.

Born into a family of acclaimed Russian classical accordionists, Iosif Purits is renowned for his effortless mastery of the instrument. He boasts a truly international career with appearances at concert venues including Carnegie Hall, Wigmore Hall, Wiener Konzerthaus, George Weston Recital Hall and the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

Accordionist Borut Zagoranski was born 1980 in Ptuj, Slovenia. His music education started at the music school in his hometown and continued at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Maribor, Slovenia. He graduated in 2002 from the Academy of Music at the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Croatia, receiving at the same time the Rector's Award for Best Student. He then enrolled for the Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Performance at the Royal Academy of Music and completed his final concert diploma in 2006. His mentors include Marjetka Babić, Slavko Magdić and Owen Murray, as well as other eminent musicians and accordion teachers.

Zagoranski has won numerous national and international accordion competitions. As the Slovenian representative, he reached the finale of the 1998 Eurovision Young Musicians competition in Vienna. He was the 2006 recipient of the prestigious Friends of the Royal Academy of Music Wigmore Award.

Zagoranski is a jury member at international accordion competitions, reviewer of specialised publications and author of university-level accordion curricula. He is professor both at the Academy of Music at the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula and at the Academy of Music at the University in Ljubljana, where he is Head of Chamber Music. Since 2014, he has been an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music. 041b061a72


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