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Ampeg Svx Serial Number: Where to Find It and How to Use It for Your Bass Tracks

This is a complete great bass plug-in solution. The product includes an impressive library of presets that are very well laid out. The mic placement is good, the GUI is well done, there are some real sleeper control features that arent found in too many plug-ins. This is very well rounded, as you would expect from IKM. We looked for a bass plug-in on the market that would offer a similar set of features at a similar cost to what we paid for this one. We didnt really find that, so our Editors Choice Award goes to Ampeg SVX.At a time when so many guitar plug-ins treat a guitar's midrange as a problem, Ampeg SVX takes the midrange out of its way by doing everything else with such a rich, full, powerful, and warm tone.

Key Ampeg Svx Serial Number


Back to the tones. If you can think of it, then the Ampeg SVX will put it on the floor with its array of presets. It has a total of eight pedal presets, each one a different tone, from three different Ampeg cabinets, with six different microphones selected from a total of 20. The presets are complete, and the amp modeling is robust. To emphasize the bass tone, there is a bass volume knob. We werent impressed with the stereo equalization done on our bass tracks.

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